Final Fantasy Legend II

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First Released: 14 Dec, 90

The Final Fantasy Legend series continues! In this classic RPG adventure, you are on a quest to reunite with your father. In order to find your father, you must travel far and wide to find the scattered fragments of a mystical force, known as Magi. Your quest takes you to several mysterious lands filled with caves, temples, enemy bases, ancient Japanese castles, and much more. Many of the worlds are filled with quirky inhabitants, such as the world of giants. Another world praises beauty but banishes ugliness. You can choose four heroes to accompany you in your journey. Choose from humans, robots, and even monsters. As the game progresses, you will encounter additional characters that may join your party.
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Storyline: "...MAGI... The symbol of great power. The legacy of the ancient gods who made this world. Many fought for the mighty power. Some won and some failed. Now.... another legend of bravery is about to begin.... —Intro A great tower is located in the world and connects various other worlds together. All these worlds contain MAGI, fragments of an ancient Goddess who existed several eons ago. The party sets out to gather the MAGI to prevent those with sinister methods from collecting it and becoming new Gods.