King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

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First Released: 01 May, 85

The original King's Quest was a landmark in computer gaming. In 1984, authoress Roberta Williams designed the original King's Quest to demonstrate the power and versatility of second generation computers. It became one of the industry's largest sellers. Hundreds of thousands of people have played the game - and loved it. Years later, it is still viewed as a cornerstone in the development of computer adventuring. Another step forward in adventure design. In answer to the popularity and critical acclaim of King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne. Romancing the Throne carries on where King's Quest left off - both in pioneering technology and in enjoyable game play. King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne takes the technologies initiated in the original King's Quest and refines them into an art form. "It's like playing an animated cartoon" claims Compute! magazine. The animation and music in the game are unparalleled in the realm of computer adventure. In King's Quest II, Roberta Williams continues the saga of Graham, now King of the land of Daventry. His quest to rescue a princess locked away in a tower that is both miles and dimensions away. The adventure begins on a deserted beach, and will take the player to undersea worlds and into a vampires castle. The answer to Graham's challenge lies behind a magic door and its three keys which unlock untold secrets. Players of the original King's Quest will not be disappointed in this second installment of the King's Quest saga. Consumer Software News writes "if you liked King's Quest you'll love the sequel" Computer Entertainment reports that " Roberta Williams has simply outdone herself" and the Questbusters journal says that King's Quest II has "the most lushly painted and highly detailed scenery seen since...well King's Quest I." By mixing the best elements of text adventures and arcade quality graphics. King's Quest II establishes a whole new standard in computer gaming by which future games will be judged.
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