Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Dual Destinies

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First Released: 25 Jul, 13

Dual Destinies continues the style of gameplay from previous installments, in which the player must utilize evidence and find contradictions in witness statements to prove their client innocent. Like previous installments, gameplay is split up between Investigations, in which players find evidence and question witnesses, and Trials, where they must use the evidence to expose contradictions. The game now features full 3D graphics and character models, allowing more dynamic camera angles during gameplay, such as quickly panning around the courtroom in the moments before a dramatic reveal. The 3D camera also allows investigation sequences to take place in 3D spaces, permitting greater investigative depth, such as being able to rotate around a room to look for clues.
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Storyline: Dual Destinies takes place roughly a year after the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The legal system has entered a dark era, filled with false charges and fabricated evidence. The Wright Anything Agency, run by Phoenix Wright, who retakes the bar exam to once again become a defense attorney following the previous game, takes on a newly christened lawyer named Athena Cykes, who specialises in analytical psychology, joining his other young attorney, Apollo Justice. Working together, Apollo and Athena tackle the case of a murdered alderman, facing up against Simon Blackquill, a fierce prosecutor who is ordered to stand in court despite currently serving a murder sentence (in the game's second case). Afterwards, Athena defends her childhood friend, Juniper Woods, after she is charged with the murder of her teacher at a law school, receiving help from prosecutor Klavier Gavin (third case).