Vietcong: Fist Alpha

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First Released: 30 Jan, 04

For most G.I.s one tour of duty in Vietnam was more than enough, but not for the boys of Fist Alpha. A team of US Special Forces who are the best of the"Green Machine" determined to stop Charlie in his tracks. Taking you back to the 'Nam, VIETCONG FIST ALPHA is the official Mission Disc for the very successful VIETCONG. Placing you in the highlands of Vietnam, VIETCONG FIST ALPHA brings 7 brand new single player missions as well as 8 new multi-player maps to expand thatjungle experience of Vietnam in 1967. With 6 new weapons as well as bayonets for weapons and machetes along with even more artillery raining shells down onboth US and NVA alike, VIETCONG FIST ALPHA also brings the ubiquitous B52 Bomber and F-105 Thunderchief and F4 Phantom fighters into play.
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