X-COM: Interceptor

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First Released: 31 May, 98

They're back...only this time the heinous aliens are out to destroy Earth and rule the new frontier. As X-COM commander, it's your sole duty to protect humanity and the prized mining operations in outer space. You must strategically equip your X-COM fighters, amass a formidable arsenal and then fulfill your mandate by going head-to-head with the devious element. The action is fast. And the opposing forces are wicked. But if you are smart, diligent and quick, you will prevail in a masterfully fought campaign to save our planet from perilous collapse. Features: Wreak complete destruction in an addictive and seamless combination of combat action and strategy. Mastermind your plan by purchasing equipment, hiring pilots and researching new technologies. Pilot your own X-COM attack ship in a face-to-face 3D real-time first person environment.
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